Join us in for a language learning experience in our live and interactive Family Zoom French classes, suitable from birth to approximately 11 years.


Who we are?

We have been teaching children French for more than 15 years

At The LingoLab, we want to offer you a language learning experience where all the family can join in and learn together regardless of your level of French. Our classes are suitable from birth upwards and we teach up to approximately 11 years in our Zoom live interactive family classes. We want to inspire you to learn French, to help you introduce your child to additional languages, whilst having lots of fun. Did you know a child is born with the innate ability to acquire several languages from birth? We are always happy to help you. So why not say ‘bonjour’ via our contact form .

We offer Zoom interactive live classes and class recordings.

Our curriculum covers language a child would acquire in their own mother tongue, but in the foreign language with traditional songs and rhymes that immerse a child in the culture. Thousands of children and families have learned with us over the years.


We offer online Zoom interactive live classes that you can access from anywhere around the world.

We have several class times for you to choose from. If you can’t make a class time, a weekly recording of the live class is also available, and you can still interact as the teaching style is very cleverly delivered! The classes are suitable for all levels of language, for those who have no language knowledge at all to native speakers.

Our curriculum covers a rich array of vocabulary and songs that a child would learn in their mother tongue. From themes such as animals, to days of the week, counting, colours, the alphabet, nouns, phrases, correct grammatical structures and so much more!

Book a free taster class and experience our fun, engaging language teaching programme with your child. We offer a language learning experience that will last a life time when you sign up to our classes, the gift of languages is the gift that keeps on giving.

What our parents say
about The Lingolab

“Gill has got to be the best language teacher out there! She makes learning fun and that’s all you can ask for as a parent to two small boys! They have learnt so much without it being dull and classroom based and have made some fantastic friends along the way! No hesitation in recommending these classes at all ❤️❤️❤️”
Bex Stone
Tommy first started French when he was only 14 months old. He is now onto his second term and absolutely loves it. His confidence has grown so much since he first started and it has really brought on his communication skills. He gets really excited when I go over some of the french words with him and has started using some of them without being prompted. He proves you are never too young to start to learn a language!
Sarah Dodds
My son and I have absolutely loved taking part in Gill’s online lessons! I’ve always been passionate about trying to learn French, however it’s not that easy to do whilst living in England / finding the time, especially now I have a baby. However Gill’s classes are perfect for this situation as they are filled with energy and fun, so my son (who was 4months when we started) really enjoys watching all the colours and movements, whilst listening to the French tones. Learning in this way really makes words stick in my head also, therefore I can repeat words and phases to him throughout the week. ?
Kayleigh Scott-Greener
My oldest has been attending lessons for a few years now, she loves it. She finds Gill hilarious which keeps her attention. We have just started getting the family session recordings which I watch on my day off with my younger daughter who was so keen to join in after watching her sisters lessons. I am amazed at how well they have both picked up French considering how hard I found it at school when I was much older.
Lyndsey Clay

A class schedule to fit around busy lives.

Everyone has a different daily schedule to keep, so we offer multiple class times per week to help ensure you can find a time that suits you.


Our fun and engaging multi-sensory total immersion language teaching method has been tried and tested on children from birth upwards over a period of 2 decades.