Counting In French

A song for learning transport and counting to 20

We just love it when we find pedagogic material which reinforces more than one theme at a time!  Language learning is all about reinforcement.

In our sessions our Petits Poussins will learn to count from 1-10 and then progress to 20.  When we have a child who is ready we always enrich their learning by taking to them to the next level.  We often find really young children who are able to count really well in French.  Check out some of our video clips of our Petits Poussins that les parents have kindly shared with us!

Did you know that it is highly important that your child can count effectively to 20 in French as numbers are quite different once they go above 69 – soixante-neuf [swass-ante-neuf].  The next number literally translates as sixty-ten, soixante-dix [swassante-deess] and this is how you say seventy in French! It is followed by sixty-eleven,ie 71, soixante-onze [swassante-onz], then sixty-twelve ie 72, soixante-douze [swassante-dooz] and so on until you reach sixty-nineteen ie 79, soixante-dix-neuf [swassante dees neuf]!

Enjoy the song and please feel free to share your videos of your own Petits Poussins singing!  We just love it!

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