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Why Choose The LingoLab?

The LingoLab’s KRAVE multi sensory teaching technique, has been developed and tried and tested on many happy families and children over a period of 2 decades.

An Introduction From The LingoLab Founder Gill Booth

Our Classes

We offer Zoom interactive live classes and class recordings.

Our classes are suitable whatever your level of French, whether you can only manage a few words in French, or if you are a bilingual French speaker.

Our curriculum covers language a child would acquire in their own mother tongue, but in the foreign language with traditional songs and rhymes that immerse a child in the culture. Thousands of children and families have learned with us over the years.

We also have community-based classes in the North east of England.


Total Immersion Teaching

We teach using ‘Total Immersion’ teaching, using our specially developed multi-sensory teaching technique and unique and dynamic curriculum. This means we only speak in the target language, so if we are teaching French, we will only speak French.

During a class, all we ask is that you join in with us and have lots of language learning fun, as interaction and repetition are some of the keys to recalling vocabulary.

We teach your child language structures and the nouns that they would need to know in their own mother tongue.

The LingoLab - A Family Affair

Learning is a Family Affair

We like to think of our classes as a language learning experience that the whole family can get involved in.

We want to teach you and your child whilst showing you how to make French an integral part of your daily routine.

As part of your classes we will show you games and ideas how to play, reinforce and interact with your child using as much of French as possible. You will be amazed how many different fun ways we can find to reinforce language themes!